Posted by: Emily Schmutz Garcia | September 29, 2017

An Updated Opinion

Once upon a time I had a political opinion. It was a time when there were two decent candidates running for President. One was the guy I wanted to win, and one was the man who became President. There were many things I liked about the man who did get elected. He was a family man who had a beautiful family. He said nice things. He gave many people hope. I might not have agreed with all of his policies, but honestly, I don’t pay enough attention to know which ones I didn’t agree with.

I digress. My point today is to say that in this previous election I did not vote for either major candidate. I think I have pretty much left the party I was raised in because I am so very tired of their intolerance. Don’t get me wrong, I have not joined any other party. I think there is too much intolerance in political parties these days. I’m tired of hearing how evil everyone else is. I want to believe that everyone is motivated by love and goodness and kindness. I want to believe that everyone is trying to have courage and be kind. I believe the best way to do that is actually to stop posting about politics and focus on every other good thing in life, but before I give up on politics all together, I would like to share my thoughts in a space that I feel is safe: my blog. I’ll probably post a link to FaceBook because this may be one of the only times I share my political opinions with anyone aside from my husband.

Okay, so, do you want to know? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Abortion: (Is this even an issue still? I mean, I know its one of the main dividing points but isn’t it all pretty legal now?) I don’t like abortions. I don’t like the idea of abortions. I hate the idea of a woman getting pregnant and not wanting to be pregnant and so deciding to have an abortion be she 13 or 50. So, how do I prevent people from having abortions, which I think are abominations? Well, I don’t know. If passing out condoms in high schools would help, okay. Will that increase sexual activity in teens? Maybe? I think the ones who weren’t going to be sexually active, probably already made that choice and giving them a condom will not change that. Sex education-let’s have it. Let’s teach the virtues of abstinence until marriage-let’s quote sociology studies on the verity of that. And then let’s remind them that all those emotions are great and wonderful and should be treated with care. And then give them condoms so they can make their own choices and mistakes. It’s high school, how much are they going to listen to anyway?

Immigration: So there are like millions of Syrian refugees who have no where to go, yes? Aren’t we paying people to live in Alaska? Has anyone ever seen the wide, open plains of Texas? Let’s set up colonies for refugees and help them establish themselves with schools and hospitals and markets. Why Texas? Everyone in Texas has a gun, almost, maybe not everyone in Austin, but most everywhere else. If there are going to be terrorists sneaking in with the millions of other legit refugees, let’s put them in a place that could handle itself in a terrorist attack. And I think the bears and moose in Alaska could also take care of themselves. What about all the other immigrants? That’s a really good question. I have a friend who just married a man whose mother brought him here when he was 18. He’s been working a good job and is a great human…while living here illegally for the past decade. I don’t have the perfect solution. Ideally, we would keep all the cool people and kick out all the uncool people, but that’s not an option owing to various definitions of cool. What about New Mexico and some of those states in the middle that are not well populated? Start colonies for recent immigrants. We could take some of the many unemployed, educated/trained professionals and have them help start up schools, hospitals, communities, etc. These plans would require tons of work…if only we had a body of elected officials who needed to have all their well-payed-working-hours put to good use.

Health Care: I actually don’t have a solution for this. I don’t believe in socialized medicine. I served a mission in England and saw too many people go to hospitals for little things and have their lives ruined by the visit to the hospital. Unfortunately, I think we are heading in the same direction. I don’t know the solution. Perhaps we should go back to the days where people paid doctors in livestock? I do think people should be free to choose whether or not they want to have insurance and not be penalized for that decision. I mean, I think not having insurance is scary, but if you believe in that, then you should be able to pay for doctors visits out of pocket as you choose.

What other issues are out there? Gender equality? Race equality? Equal rights for all? Black versus Blue lives? National Anthem etiquette? Kate’s new baby? Our current president? Um, after having taken my three kids into the women’s restroom with me for their 5.5 years of existence, I would like all restrooms to be family style restrooms where every stall is its own room with a sink and a changing table. Expensive upgrade? Probably. I don’t have solutions to the other problems/situations. I think we need to start assuming the good in others. It is something I am going to try to work on.

I think we live in an amazing country, a promised land that is choice and above others (I know, total American snob). I think we can let our differences divide us or we can choose to be glad that we live in a diverse country that allows ourselves and others to believe whatever they want to believe.

One last thing I feel very strongly about: Naked’s Kale Blazer Smoothie Drink is vile and should be avoided. Cucumber juice, Celery juice and Kale? Avoid this beverage. Naked’s Green Machine on the other hand, is quite tasty. So if you are feeling like going green, go with the Green Machine. You’re Welcome!



  1. Thank you for your honesty. I love you to the moon 🌙 and back❣️

  2. You make me happy! ❤

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