Posted by: Emily Schmutz Garcia | February 24, 2014

Reflections of 30

30 things I’ve done before today (my 30th birthday):

1) Graduated with my Bachelor of Arts from BYU
2) Traveled to Western Europe (visited England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Luxemborg, The Netherlands and the Isle of Mann)
3) Served an 18 month mission in England for my church

England mission
4) worked in a job that had been my focus of study in college for two years
5) dated a handsome man from Texas for a year and a half
6) got sealed to that handsome Texan in the San Antonio, TX temple

another temple shot
7) honeymooned in Costa Rica

8) went white water rafting, zip lining and waterfall repelling in Costa Rica and lived to tell the tales
9) ran two Corona del Mar 5Ks (one before I was married and one after having a baby)
10) lost 100lbs on Weight Watchers (50lbs before I was married, 40lbs after David’s birth and 10lbs since Derek’s birth)
11) gave birth to David William Garcia on Jan 1, 2012

12) gave natural birth to Derek James Garcia on Nov 10, 2013

13) visited the east coast from New Hampshire to North Carolina
14) took a cross country road trip with my handsome husband and 18 month old while 5 months pregnant

15) lived in California, Utah and North Carolina
16) visited Japan as an exchange student for ten days (when I was 13)
17) rewrote the lyrics to a number of Disney songs and a few other classics and performed them for school projects and zone presentations or talent shows
18) visited Mexico twice
19) visited Canada (the Totem Pole, Beautiful British Colombia side)
20) memorized The Very Hungry Caterpillar and read at least 100 books to my two year old
21) changed thousands of diapers
22) read and sung my two year old to sleep

photo (7)

23) read The Book of Mormon more times than I’ve read the Harry Potter series
24) read The Old Testament cover to cover (no simple task), along with The New Testament, The Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price
25) breast fed my two sons (a blessing and struggle at times)
26) made a bus for my son’s ABC play group out of cardboard moving boxes, a great deal of yellow duct tape and labor assistance from my handsome husband

27) decorated my first home with artwork I created

28) learned to cook/continue to learn and have cooked hundreds of meals for my family
29) washed, folded and put away thousands of clothes (predicting #s will reach millions before my time is done)
30) successfully completed my mom’s potty training (as I begin to contemplate my son’s potty training, I begin to realize just how impressive this really is)

As I reflect, I discover that I am quite content with how I have spent my time so far. Now to make the next 30 years even better!




  1. How wonderful for you! To have the attitude of looking at what is yet to come keeps life much more interesting! You are one of the best!!

  2. 💝 Emily, may your beautiful boys be as great a source of continual pride as you have been to me. There is no higher calling than wife and mother.

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