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Happy Father’s Day! I have been spoiled when it comes to Fathers. I was raised by a humble and righteous dad, who was the best dad in the world. I am married to a man who has an awesome dad. My sister has a wonderful husband who is an awesome uncle. I am married to the most amazing dad and husband ever.

My dad:
I remember going to ward choir practice with my dad when my sister and I were in primary. I remember going to chapel cleanup and seeing my dad anxious to clean and be helpful. My dad was a great example of always helping. He would always pick up little bits of trash if he saw it around the church. I now feel guilty if I don’t do the same. I am grateful that my dad honored his priesthood. He gave us blessings at the beginning of the school year and at other times when we needed them.Grandpa

My dad and I went on hikes growing up. I loved getting up early on a Saturday morning to go on a hike with my dad. He helped us with our math and science homework. He read me stories before I went to sleep. He coached my soccer team and always came to my water polo games-even though I was just an alternate player that maybe got to play the last two minutes of the game. He came to see all of my performances in various high school musicals.

What made my dad great? He was there and he was hands-on. He wasn’t afraid of dirty diapers. My mom was the disciplinarian in our family-she was the one with the vocal chords, but my dad had a much more effective way of punishing us. My dad had a disappointed look that would crush anyone. My sister and I avoided that look. Having mom yell at us was way more tolerable than seeing that look on my dad’s face.

My dad always tells us how much he loves us. Every night before going to bed he would give us a Butterfly, butterfly, Eskimo, lipper and I love you. Dad was always there to comfort us when we were scared. If there was a dinosaur outside our window in the middle of the night, a hug from dad and sometimes a story would make it go away. Yup, I was spoiled to have such an amazing dad.

My husband’s dad:
Papa GarciaHere’s a dad who I have only known for a few years now, but who has made a significant difference in my life. On one of my first dates with David he told me about how his dad could fix anything and loved projects. He taught his sons the value of hard work by having them do hard things like build trenches in the middle of a Texas Summer. I remember David’s mom telling how Dale made it possible for them to move back to her Texas home by fixing their broken family car with spare parts found at various junk yards.

Papa Garcia is a brilliant engineer who has always worked very hard so his wife could be the stay-at-home mom she wanted to be. (His wife is amazing and is a mini-Hercules, but this isn’t the blog post to go into that.) He has raised sons who know the value of and who look for work.

He also taught his sons the importance of being active in church and serving. The Garcia boys could always be counted on to stack and put away chairs after an event (this coincidentally was why I pursued my husband-he always stacked chairs after church events, something my dad always did too). And unless you were on your deathbed, you were going to church. Something I’m grateful that he instilled in my husband. I’m grateful my husband was also spoiled to have such a great dad.

My Brother-in-law:
Uncle MikeMike is a surgical technician at Hoag hospital for the labor and delivery ward. He can do infant CPR, which makes him one of the few people I feel fully confident in leaving my son with. He’s also not afraid of crying babies or poopy diapers. He likes crying babies-it means they are okay! He has changed at least one of my son’s poopy diapers-a task that in my book makes him great. He’ll watch Little David on his downtime so I can go to a doctor’s appointment without having to entertain Little David during the visit. When he is needed, Mike is there. And Little David loves his Uncle Mike. He lights up when Uncle Mike is around.

Also, he makes my sister (who is in fact Wonder Woman) an even better person. I remember in high school when they were dating, Chrissy and I were fighting about some little thing and after I had left the room, Mike told my sister to not fight with me because I was her sister-oddly enough I think Chrissy and I fought less after that.

Mike is the health nut in our family and he has inspired my sister to take up tennis again, which she now plays 3-4 times a week. She even started swimming again. I’m grateful for a health nut in the family. We all like to eat, but overeating has serious consequences which I hope to avoid by taking a few notes out of my brother-in-law’s health book.

Most importantly, he makes my sister happy. Life hasn’t followed the path that they had planned on, but despite challenges and disappointments, after 11 years of marriage, my sister is still very happily married to her best friend. I’m very grateful that my sister is married to such a great dad.

My Husband:
the DavidsThis one could go on forever, but I will see what I can do to condense. What an amazing dad he is. He goes to church and listens to lessons and conference talks on how to be a better husband and father and then implements various suggestions. A little over a month ago he added scriptures, prayer and good night hymns to Little David’s bedtime routine-something that may sound like a no-brainer, but when you are learning how to take care of a mini-human, implementing anything aside from sleeping, pooping and eating is really hard.

He takes turns taking Little David to nursery, sacrificing two hours of Sunday school and Priesthood lessons to do so. He also takes turns  changing dirty diapers, something I am eternally grateful for. And Big David is the one who really has helped get Baby David’s bedtime routine in place. He helped establish a night time bath and bottle, as well as the scriptures, prayer and hymns.

Little David is always so happy to see his daddy because his daddy is always overjoyed to see him. They love to go on walks and adventures together in the evenings (which gives mommy a very much appreciated break.) To my jealous delight Little David laughs the hardest when he is playing with Daddy. I love when David comes home from work and peals of laughter can be heard from the next room where the Davids are playing.

I am a worrier and Big David really works hard so I don’t have to worry as much. He has worked very hard for the past 2.5 years that we’ve been married and made it possible for me to be a housewife and a stay-at-home mom. He has gotten life insurance in order so that if anything happened to him, Baby David and I would still be taken care of. He helps us budget so that we stay on top of the finances. How wonderful it is not to have to worry about money as much, because Big David figures it out and lets me know my budget for various things. Oh how I love this man!
I am so eternally grateful that I married the most wonderful man ever. We are so blessed to have great brothers and to have been raised by amazing fathers. (I decided not to make this blog post a long novel. I only talked about my sister’s husband, but Big David has 4 awesome brothers as well. Jon is an awesome husband and father to two of the cutest little girls in existence. Stephen, Jacob and Brandon are all wonderful uncles and great guys.) I am so grateful for great men for my son to be surrounded and influenced by. To all the great dads out there, whether you currently have kids or not, THANK YOU! And Happy Father’s Day!

Daddy David


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