Posted by: Emily Schmutz Garcia | September 10, 2012

Political Opinion

Ahhh…Election years. What a wonderful time to let your true colors show!.. on Facebook, that is. Many friends whose opinions you may have never guessed might be posting strongly worded statements in favor of this candidate or opposing the other candidate. I think originally I was going to lament the whole process and how sad it is that once every four years we become a very divided country. On the other hand, the two-party system has been keeping America strong for …2012-1776=…236 years…give or take a few. Two head strong parties that balance each other out is not a bad system. I think that both parties have good points. I also think that in election years both parties have a tendency to over dramatize the opinions of their opponents. I have very dear friends and family on both sides of the elections. In all things, if you want to learn about what a particular party believes, ask a member of that party, not the opposing party.

Me, personally, I would like Mitt Romney to win. I don’t think that the world will come to a close or that the second coming will come any sooner if President Obama remains in office for four more years. I’m conservative. I believe that the way to encourage businesses to hire more employees and thus create more jobs is not to increase their taxes as they gain more success. I think that businesses are about many things but in order to stay in business they have to make money. If hiring more employees is going to cost them more money-why would they? If, on the other hand, hiring more employees allows them to continue to grow and become more successful, why wouldn’t they? I’m not saying big businesses shouldn’t pay taxes, just not a greater proportion of taxes than any other business.

I am also quite opposed to socialized medicine. I lived in England for eighteen months and saw too many people who could only get medical care if they could pay ridiculous prices for the private hospitals and physicians. The universal health care that was offered didn’t cut it. There weren’t enough doctors and nurses in the hospitals. It was not effective. I’m not saying that medical insurance is perfect or that how things are the way they are now is ideal either. However, I do believe that socialized/universal health care will not be an improvement.

Other issues that I have an opinion on:

The definition of marriage-judging from everything else you’ve read so far, you might have a guess on where I stand. I support the traditional definition of marriage. I believe that the family unit is ordained by God and that men and women have divine roles in it. I believe that God created men and women differently, and that the process of creating life is sacred. I believe children have a right to be raised by a loving mother and father. I understand that this is not always the case, but I believe this is the ideal that should be the goal.

Abortion-I’m against it. Please do not say, “it is a woman’s body, let her choose.” False! It is a baby and a mom and a dad. Third trimester abortions are inexcusable and should be legislated against. In extreme cases, such as rape, or when the mother’s life is in danger, families should consult within the first two trimesters. Unwanted pregnancies resulting from unprotected sex from two willing participants should be raised by the willing participants when possible and when not by adoptive parents (if you are worried about there not being enough of those, just go to an adoption agency and check out the list of waiting/hopeful parents).

Immigration-Ahhh! We are a country of immigrants. Yes we are, but that doesn’t mean that we have an open immigration policy. If we are going to provide health care and education to residents of this country we need to be able to keep records. In order to do that we have immigration policies and numbers. Education and health care cost money. I have relatives who do not have insurance and are not millionaires, and yet they manage to keep their kids healthy and taken care of, by paying out of pocket health expenses. It is possible for them, it is possible for others, particularly those who are visiting this country. My parents immigrated my sister here legally. Was it a process? Yes. Did they go through it? Yes. It was possible for them, it must be possible for others as well. Does that mean I think any illegal immigrant should be chucked back to their own country? Nope, but I do believe that without laws and regulations, we will not be able to support the residents of the U.S. in basic needs like education and health care. (Not saying that either should be free, just that they won’t even be options if there is not order.)

There are other issues but these are the ones I can think of currently with my “mommy-brain.”


I am conservative. Why? Because it makes sense to me. I agree with the arguments put forth by conservatives more often than I agree with arguments put forth by liberals. I think that both parties make great points. I dislike when either party or its affiliates generalize about the opposing party. So election years become a bit of a love/hate issue with me. I love seeing people excited about politics. I hate people generalizing and saying horrible untruths about others. I’m grateful for a two-party system that provides balance. The end.

P.S. Don’t forget to vote in November, whatever your political opinions may be!



  1. Well Said, sweetie!

  2. Very well put. It is a political season indeed. As citizens of this great land, it is incumbent upon all of us to stand and be counted. For Davey’s sake and all our children, I hope that Gov. Romney is victorious.

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