Posted by: Emily Schmutz Garcia | October 27, 2011

Pregnancy Ups and Downs

Pregnancy is an interesting stage of life. There are downs and ups. It is exciting to see newborns and think about having one of your own in what feels like minutes. At the same time it is petrifying to think of having a little person who relies solely on you for everything.

The downs: heartburn, weight gain, irritable legs, pains in the lower abdomen called round ligament pains that make getting out of bed or up and down difficult, hunger, food cravings, exhaustion and more! Some pregnant women experience morning sickness, nausea or vomiting. I have experienced mild amounts of nausea, but have been blessed so far to avoid any vomiting. The heartburn is a more recent development, but can really interrupt an already hard-to-sleep-through-night. Did I mention sleeplessness – which is something that makes the whole exhaustion bit really “fun.” Having to get up and go to the bathroom 2-5 times a night can really mess up a good night’s sleep. The longest I have been able to sleep so far has been for five hours-a random fluke. Most of the time I take multiple two to three hour naps throughout the night. Sometimes I am lucky and can fall quickly back to sleep after having to get up and use the loo. Other times I am not so lucky and am up for a couple of hours. The good news is that I assume this is just good preparation for constant feedings.

The ups: feeling your baby move, kick, turn, summersault inside of you is incredible! Hearing his/her heartbeat for the first time and then over the course of the pregnancy is also pretty exciting. Looking at cute baby stuff and being able to buy or register for it is fun. Having the baby kick and get excited when Daddy is putting his head or hand on your stomach to feel him/her is thrilling. Not all people enjoy, but having friends come up to you and rub or touch your belly is something I enjoy. I feel like it is a way they are showing how much they love and are excited for my baby-it makes me happy. Knowing that there is a little person growing inside of you just waiting to come out and be loved is amazing! Spending time with friends and family discussing all things baby is fun too.

There are many more ups and downs of pregnancy-what are some of your most memorable pregnant moments?



  1. Yay, i’m so excited for you! New babies are just wonderful! So are not-so new babies. 😉 One of my favorite things is actually the day AFTER i’ve delivered – i find my “bowl full of jelly” belly just super amusing. One day, it’s rock hard and full of baby, stretched out to the max. Then just a few short hours after delivery, i poke my belly and it just wiggles and jiggles, and flops around. I find the contrast simply hilarious. Plus holding a newborn and seeing all the random kicks, twists, hiccups and sighs i’d been enjoying from the inside is also fantastic.

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