Posted by: Emily Schmutz Garcia | July 3, 2011

Something is Coming!

I got kicked out of Weight Watchers. So sad. They said something about them only being about losing weight and not having any helpful tips or hints on gaining weight in a healthy manner-how tedious! There is a reason why they kicked me out…guess. Go on, guess. Please guess…

two lines = positive

If you guessed that I’m pregnant, you were correct! Hooray! Our baby is due on December 22, 2011, give or take two weeks.

How’s the pregnancy going? I have actually had a remarkably nice time of it. I have been excessively tired, more hungry and somewhat more emotional-all terribly normal symptoms of pregnancy. I have not had any proper morning sickness, mild nausea, but nothing more than that. I’ve been very blessed.

We have been to the doctor’s twice so far and both times heard a heartbeat. We will get to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl in August sometime. Do I think it is one or the other? I kind of think it will be a boy-no special reason why, just kind of think it will be. If we have a girl, that would be awesome. Either way, we already have the names picked out. If it is a boy, he will be Dobby and if it is a girl, she will be Winky. (For the muggles out there, please see the movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Sectrets, and read the book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.)



  1. Oh how very wonderful:):):) We are so happy for you all!!!

  2. Wahoo! Congrats! There are 4 sisters in our ward due in december, so i’ll just add you to the group. 🙂 Happy vibes being sent your way!!!

  3. fantastic news! you will be a wonderful mammy! love and best wishes and big hugs Carole xxxx

  4. Best news of the year, we are so happy for you three and the sorcerer to be! xo

  5. Please tell me you aren’t really going to name your child Dobby or Winky. . . . do you want your child to be the ridiculed for the rest of their life?? On a happier note you already know I am super excited for you guys.

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