Posted by: Emily Schmutz Garcia | June 26, 2010

Chasing Dogs

I may or may not have chased a neighbor’s dog.

Preface: On June 5th, while I was waiting in line for the delicious food I had earned for just having run my first 5K, a girl I ran with said, “Hey, I’m training for a ½ marathon-wanna train with me?”  Let me think about that-No! I’m not a runner. I don’t believe in running-I just ran my version of a marathon-which would be the 5K. I don’t particularly care for running-and yet, she planted that seed in my head.

So, that night I looked up ½ marathon training schedules. Interesting-most of them have you running lots on Sundays. Sundays are days of rest for me-no work and no exercise-well-nothing more than walking to church- which is about a half mile from my pillow. I looked up another one that gave you Sundays off. Uh-oh. This one looked do-able. Okay-why not?

So, I began officially training. My boyfriend-who is also opposed to running-is joining me. He loves me a whole heap. We even ran 8 miles today. I have embarked on a trip of insanity. Now for the story.

Exercise is supposed to give you endorphins which make you happy-right? Maybe I am doing something wrong. I ran 5 miles Wednesday morning and Thursday I ran three miles. I was feeling rather good when I came back to my street-but as I approached my house the neighbor’s obnoxious dog started yapping loudly at me. The neighbors let their dog hang out in the front yard and bark at everyone else while they sleep in. Thursday-I wasn’t having it. I made it to my doorstep and then turned around and started heading towards the neighbor’s house.

The dog was on the sidewalk between our houses. I decided to start running around our neighborhood-through this dog’s path. So, technically I was running at the dog. I don’t run quickly. The dog ran back towards its home and turned and barked. I kept running towards it. It stopped in front of me again and I kept running towards the dog, slowly making my way towards the neighbor’s front walkway. Finally the idiot dog ran up to its front door step and out of my way.

I refrained from standing outside the neighbor’s front door and barking like a mad woman just to see how they liked it-but it was a struggle. I ran the loop around the next few houses and when I was across from the dog’s house I noticed the front door open a tiny crack and the neighbor let their mutt in. Oddly enough, I felt victorious- Spartacus-like in my conquering of the obnoxious neighbor and their dog.

I’m not entirely sure how the happiness from the endorphins resulted in me chasing a neighbor’s dog-perhaps endorphins give you some other emotional kick. Something I am sure well-meaning and seriously overpaid Harvard professors should do a study on to prove why running actually drives one insane. Until that time, Cheers from Little Miss Insanity.



  1. You are awesome! Taking on the neighbors dog, excellent! He just needed someone to pay attention to him and put him in his place. I hope the barking stops being so incessant.

    • Thanks. I did feel mild twinges of guilt later on-but then I heard the dog barking again, and quickly got over it. Cheers.

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