Posted by: Emily Schmutz Garcia | February 26, 2010

This Too Shall Pass

King Solomon, a very wise king from biblical times, asked his ministers to make a ring for him that would keep him happy when he was sad and make him sad when he was happy. His ministers spent quite some time and then returned with a gold ring that was inscribed with the words “this too shall pass.”

I think finding a balance in life is difficult. Personally, I prefer to be happy. However, I am not always happy. There are times when I am happy that I am not overly wise. I think King Solomon had a good point. Sometimes being overly happy can lead to pride. Pride in oneself is not a good thing. Remembering the good with the bad is important. I believe it keeps one balanced. Being overly sad isn’t the answer though. Just, humble and thoughtful and not overly dependent on any particular moment.

Creative Commons photo by John-Morgan

I’m not even sure that is entirely the point. Perhaps it is just more to realize that most things don’t last forever. Most feelings and emotions don’t last forever. Maybe that’s why storybooks are so obsessed with “true love.” Supposedly it is something that lasts forever. I think all things require work. Some things come more naturally-a mother’s love for her child-it actually did take nine months of labour in many cases, in others it took a lot of adoption paperwork and hassle. Either way, it isn’t overly simple or immediate. And yet, it is powerful.

I don’t know. I don’t know a great many things. Why some things in life feel easy and effortless and why others seem really hard. It is a mystery. I suppose the thing to remember in all things is, “this too shall pass-” the good, the bad and the indifferent.


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