Posted by: Emily Schmutz Garcia | January 30, 2010

Twilight Equality

Okay, I will end this post on an amusing note, but I must start off with a tiny rant. If you would rather not bother, just skip to the video and enjoy. If you would like a tiny opinion of why Twilight is working to bring equality to the media, read on.

I just finished watching Twilight for the third time. I first read the books two summers ago and fell madly in crush with Edward. (If you recall my passion for Harry Potter, you might notice a slight thing I have for fictional characters.) After watching Twilight at midnight with hundreds of hormonal teenagers, I was somewhat disillusioned. I really didn’t enjoy the movie. It began to occur to me how ridiculous the story was. The complaint that the story gave women unrealistic ideas about love began to make a tiny bit of sense to me. Not entirely, but enough for me to see that the story was a bit cheesy.

I saw the movie again when it went to the dollar theatre in hopes that it might improve. No such luck. Still very cheesy. I wasn’t bothered about going to see New Moon at midnight, but I had some friends who went, and so I decided to join in the fun. It was fun and the second movie was much better than the first.

Last night I watched Twilight on DVD-I had a co-worker who had just finished the book and was interested in seeing it, so I thought I would try it again. I actually enjoyed it. It is not an amazing movie, but it was enjoyable.

This morning, as I was reflecting, I came to a realization of why I enjoyed the movie a little more this time. Twilight does give completely unrealistic ideas about love. A girl falls in love with a boy-no big deal, happens all the time. A boy falls in love with a girl, he happens to be a vampire with super human strength who can’t sleep so he spends his time protecting and watching the girl. He dedicated his whole existence to that girl. I’m not gonna lie, that kind of devotion doesn’t sound so horrible-completely unrealistic and not a possibility, but again, not horrible.

Equality: I watch a few TV shows with my friends on Monday nights. In them are female characters who are unrealistic. These stunning women never have zits, can eat hamburgers and still fit into size 2 clothes, can beat up a number of people with their mad skills, and are unavailable. These women are too busy with work to have time for boyfriends, but who still flirt and obviously are at least in crush and most likely in love with their co-stars. There are women like this all over television, the movies and the Internet. And yet, when a book comes out about some amazing guy, who, owing to the fact that he is a mythical creature and fictional, is quite obviously not real, the masses cry “ridiculous!” Well, masses, why not cry ridiculous to most of the TV shows and movies out there.

I realize that Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are fictional characters, however, I am glad that they represent completely unrealistic ideals of males. Honestly, it is about time that there was some equality in the unrealistic portrayal of people on TV and in the movies.

It occurs to me that I really ought to just stop watching TV shows and I wouldn’t have to deal with unrealistic people. My problem is that I like to hang around real people and real people like to watch unrealistic things. Escaping from reality can be nice for a time; I think a constant escape is where the danger lies. I also am completely aware that for a girl who loves High School Musical movies, reality isn’t always something I am looking for. I suppose I too like idealistic versions of reality. I digress.

A point: Girls, don’t fall in love with Edward or Jacob-they aren’t real! Guys, when your ego takes a hit as you watch Twilight or New Moon with your girlfriends, remember that you were just watching those “superwoman” in the TV shows and that your girlfriend’s ego probably gets a little damaged by that as well.

All that being said, this is a hilarious little video about one man’s plight with Twilight:


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