Posted by: Emily Schmutz Garcia | January 16, 2010


(Warning: I am about to brag, some mushy stuff may be involved. You have now been warned!)

Okay, since it is Serendipitous Saturday, I am going to write about the wonderful date I was taken on last night. David, the one I currently go on dates with, picked me up and entered an address into his GPS. We stopped by Taco Bell for a snack, with the stipulation that I needed to save room for later. Away we went, the 55 north, to the 405 north. Next stop the 605 and my brain doesn’t remember the street names after that. An adventure-hooray!

We ignored the GPS for a small season and took a detour through some beautiful homes in the Hollywood Hills area of LA. The houses are basically on top of each other, but they are gorgeous. Eventually we started following signs to the Griffith Park Observatory. Hooray.

It was so cool. We walked a little ways to get to the observatory, but as we walked we had a view of Los Angeles that was pretty amazing. Upon our arrival at the top, there was another brilliant view. We went and saw the really big telescope-unfortunately, due to the weather, the telescope wasn’t operating, but that meant that we got to see the room’s roof actually rotate-which was awesome.

Our next stop was the jewelry exhibit-the Observatory has a timeline of celestial jewelry for 13 billion years – wow, there were so many pretties! I was a big fan. After that we went and saw this amazing display that is meant to indicate the vastness of outer space. It was a wall display that was equivalent to one finger length of the night sky…and by wall display it was probably 6 or more rooms across and 3 or 4 rooms high. Whoa.

Creative Commons photo by Andrew Currie

The whole Observatory was fantastic. What a lovely thing to do with a handsome guy! I’ll bet you thought we were finished. Ha ha. You were wrong. Our final stop for the evening was Roscoe’s Chicken N Waffles. Say what? Indeed, chicken and waffles. So amazing. The chicken is like rotisserie in its tenderness, but with a fried crust. The waffles were so tasty. It is an iconic LA restaurant. Speaking of which, I have leftovers in my fridge, which I believe I will be having for breakfast-hooray! So, I have to go eat now, farewell. I hope you enjoyed my date story; either way, I really did. I would love to hear about fun dates that you have been on. Feel free to share.


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